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While most executive job seekers promote themselves as 'previously employed', aim to promote yourself as 'current and relevant'.  How?  Start with a winning resume to rank ahead and move your career forward.
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"Wanted to let you know that the resume you helped me develop worked wonders.  I received 3 senior level offers and had other companies interested in me.  I was at a point that I had to turn away recruiters." - Aaron C., VP Professional Services (Technology)

"You have effectively crafted a document that conveys 25 years of type A behavior into an impressive set of accomplishments." - J.K., CIO

"I used your resume to get an unbelievable offer.  My new employer was thoroughly impressed with my presentation." - Jeffrey C., CFO

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How effective is your resume? Really?

Most resumes are written using typical formats that make them look 'average'.  It's common for a talented executive with excellent credentials to appear mediocre because of a boilerplate resume.  Don't let this happen to you!

To make the short list for top jobs, it's important to promote what differentiates you from other qualified applicants. When your resume persuasively communicates your distinctive executive value, employers see you as a preferred candidate.
Time to upgrade your resume?

If you are getting enough good interviews and excellent job offers, don't change your resume.  If you are not getting as many suitable offers as you should, your resume probably needs a makeover.  A powerful resume magnifies your marketability and positions you as a candidate of choice. 

As a general rule, if your resume was updated more than 1 year ago, or was done by someone without executive recruitment experience, it may be lacking critical strategies for successful self-promotion in this market.  

Clients who use our resumes get better jobs.  We are called the "best-kept executive career advancement secret".  This is the right place to start your job search.

Here are some reasons why over 50,000 executives use our resume service:
  • We have only top-notch executive writers with recruitment backgrounds.
  • First-hand knowledge of current executive job and career trends.
  • Resume success rate of 99% based on client results.
  • Interactive client phone interviews (no time-wasting questionnaires).
  • World-class customized career documents preferred by recruiters.
  • Focus on 'value chain driven' content for optimal professional image.

When it comes to your career, it pays to do it right.  We can offer you a proper, market-ready makeover of your resume and cover letter from only $495 (request a free quote below).   If you want to rank ahead, we can help. 
The 5 ingredients of a winning resume:

If you want better results in this job market, make certain that your resume includes all of these 5 ingredients:

1. Awareness of Key Issues:   Your practical understanding of key industry challenges. 
2. Value Proposition:   What exactly do you offer and where can you fit in the value chain.
3. Competitive Advantage:   Why you are a better choice than other qualified executives.
4. Leadership Dynamics:   How your specific leadership style can benefit organizations.
5. Executive Promise:  Persuasive synopsis of your tangible and sustainable solutions. 

By starting your job search with a resume that reads like a compelling executive proposal instead of "old news", you get higher quality interviews AND better job offers. 

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